Saturday, October 25, 2008

this must be the place

Tonight I made good use of the stainless steel thermos and wool socks I got at the REI sale this morning. After I got home from work, significantly earlier than yesterday, I went to the kitchen made some hot chocolate and grabbed a blanket. I then went down to the river and pulled a kayak in. I paddled down in water illuminated by the flashlight glowing in the hull. For the most part I just let the river carry me until I got to my favorite island.

The leaves were sparser and everything was crunchier since the last time I had been out. I laid on top the blanket and settled in. I turned my flashlight off and waited for my eyes to adjust. I heard splashing in the water and was momentarily panicked by the thought of an opossum running up and biting me. But the noise quieted and I steadily relaxed. The pulsing red light of a radio tower held my attention as my thoughts scattered.

I finally returned Bettny’s call today. I could tell by her voice that she was upset, probably because I have been doing a bad job of keeping in touch. I glanced at my horoscope in the newspaper. Aquarius and Libra were not compatible today. Damn. But as the conversation went on, her soft one word answers grew and soon I heard that crazy giggling cackle. When we hung up, I was left with a bittersweet combination of emptiness and anticipation. Not good word choices but; I really really missed her, and yet at the same time I felt ecstatic knowing she would be home soon.

So many great things are coming up with winter. I happily snatched them as they danced through my head. The end of the election, Bettny coming home!, everyone else coming home!, the holiday season, and finally my trip.

I must have fallen asleep with a smile on my lips.

I had planned on writing my college essay, but instead I listened while the world hummed it’s story around me.

P.S. I think I smell snow

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Oh, but what the hell did we say?